Great news - the Canberra Declaration has reached 30,000 online signatures. There are still have approximately 4,500 awaiting entry. This means that we have over 34,500 signatures supporting marriage, family, life and freedom. This is a real achievement and a credit to you all. Together we are making a difference!

We will leave our kids a legacy worth fighting for!

We are approaching the One Year Anniversary of the Canberra Declaration on 23 July 2011. Our goal is to reach 50,000 signatures by this date.

Will you help us get there? When it comes to influencing the political process for good, numbers talk loud and clear! We want to be a voice for our children. The more people we have, the more people will listen to us.

If every person who signed the Canberra Declaration was able to get one other person to sign in the next seven days, the Canberra Declaration would have 60,000 signatures. If every person who is listed online was able to get 10 new signatures the Canberra Declaration would have 300,000 signatories supporting marriage, family, life and freedom.

Together we can do what we cannot do alone!

The Canberra Declaration only needs 15,500 new signatories to reach the 50,000 goal by the first anniversary on 23 July 2011. Regular progress updates up to 23 July will keep you informed.

Can you help us by sending a request to your friends by email to sign the Canberra Declaration to support life, marriage, family and freedom? Our children need a voice in government.

Thank you for your support

Yours for our children

Warwick Marsh

PS. The recent attack by media and homosexual activists of the brave mother of three, Wendy Francis, from Brisbane and the taking down of pro-life billboards in Adelaide show we need to strengthen the voice of those who want to defend life, marriage, family and freedom on behalf of our children.