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The Canberra Declaration Bible Study


This study has been prepared to help Christians gain a deeper understanding of the role of faith and conviction in society. Faith, and the right to protect our own and our children’s faith have never faced the challenges they face today. We ignore Scripture and our Judeo-Christian traditions at our own peril!

There is material here for one (more likely two) small group studies, as well as resources for deeper personal reflection.

We warn you that there are some questions here that may stir significant emotion. However they are important! If used for a group session (which we recommend) it certainly won’t be dull!

Whatever format or approach you take, we believe this study will give you insight, knowledge and enjoyment.


To see or print the 1 page group study format click here.

To see or print the Canberra Declaration (with the Petition on its rear) click here. this might be wise to attach to the group study).

To see or print the 2 page individual study format click here.