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Canberra Declaration

 Call for Christian Conscience and a renewal of Christian Values in Australia
Media Conference 12.45pm, Friday 23rd July – lawns of Parliament House

In the lead up to the federal election to take place on Saturday 21st august 2010, an historic gathering is taking place at Parliament House. On Friday, at 12.45 pm the historic Canberra Declaration will be released at the Government of God Conference on the lawns of Parliament House, Canberra.

Indigenous leader Ps Norm Miller will lead prayers and the declaration will be read by Dr Graham McLennan from the National Alliance of Christian Leaders. Over 20 Christian leaders have helped in the drafting of the document and organisers expect many hundreds more leaders to become signatories to The Canberra Declaration in the coming weeks by registering at

The Canberra Declaration

The Preamble to the Australian Constitution contains the words, "Humbly relying on the blessings of Almighty God”. As Australian citizens we continue to declare that we too put our trust in Almighty God.

For centuries, to speak of Western civilisation was to speak of Christian civilisation. The two were in many ways synonymous. The values that we have cherished and sought to strengthen are in large measure founded on the Judeo-Christian belief system. The many freedoms, advantages, opportunities, values and liberties which characterise the West owe much to the growth of Christianity with its inherent belief in the dignity of the human person as created in the image of God and the code of behaviour that flows from this belief.

The Canberra Declaration follows on from the 2009 Westminster Declaration. It declares that when Christian values are respected and allowed freedom of expression, not just confined to so-called sacred spaces but in the public arena as well, society is richer and healthier.  

We wish to emphasise three areas that demand particular attention in our contemporary Australian society, namely religious freedom, marriage and the family, and the sanctity of human life. Were we to undermine any one of these values, the social fabric of our nation would be seriously weakened, to our personal and collective detriment.

The full Declaration may be read at:

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Bill Muehlenberg: 0438 056 089
Dr Graham McLennan: 0427 003 549
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